Terms of service

Unless discussed earlier, Wibby applies standard unmanaged service for all clients, & partner's client which the terms and conditions are as follow.


Developer: Wibby Digital Marketing Agency, or our team.
Client: Project owner, business owner, and their employees.
Partner: Wibby's partner, marketing team or affiliate who works together with Wibby by bringing & maintain clients.
3rd party: Other party who contributes some activities in the project including software development, or other services.
Spam: Irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet, typically to large numbers of users, for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc.
CMS: Web application designed to make it easy for non-technical users to add, edit and manage a website.
Hosting:A service or product that allows client to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.
Visual layout design: A raw structural and concept design of the website, sent to client in the brainstorming phase to show client how their website will about look a like. Most of the case minors features such as color, font, and text can be adjusted later on in development phase.
Corporate identity: Graphic design service including logo, brochure, flyer, business card , and any other promotional materials design.
Multimedia: Video production and motion graphic design including animation and other audio visual products.
Unmanaged service: Unmanaged service gives clients complete control: sole access and total freedom to maintain their own website. Unmanaged service uses usually a fixed rate that is mostly cheaper compared with full-managed service that will charge clients based on hourly rate for any basic help.
Full-managed service: Wibby as the provider offers also full-managed service to support clients for every problem or task, emergency or routine. Full-managed service is far less work and requires little expertise for clients. If something is needed or goes wrong, clients can contact Wibby to give them a hand. However hourly rate will apply for any basic help.

1. Development

1.1 Your website design and features will be developed based on the discussed concept, sent visual layout design and final cost. If you have any other request please discuss it with us again before we start with the development.

1.2 Wibby reserves the right to build the layouts, functions, content, style, effects, and structural design of your website based on the available budget and our standard quality following the functions of the framework/CMS and 3rd party's modules.

1.3 Extra fee will apply for any other additional service and adjustments.

1.4 Client will be requested to provide all information and materials incl. pictures and texts within 3 days after the offer accepted and paid.

1.5 Client will be requested to provide all account details or API access from 3rd parties that will be integrated with your webshop/eCommerce functionalities, such as social media accounts, payment and shipping method.

1.6 Wibby offers no guarantee to gain sales or revenue by delivering digital services including web development and online marketing.

2. After delivery

2.1 Wibby provides free of charge service to fix any missing links, mistypes or malfunction on the website based on client's report within 60 days after delivery.

2.2 Client is responsible to maintain and update content and system of their own website including its domain and hosting.

2.3 Client is responsible to keep their own website safe from any external and internal threats incl. hack, spam, malware, and viruses.

2.4 Client is responsible to backup their own website regularly and restore it when needed.

2.5 Client is responsible for legality of any data materials inside their own website and hosting such as 3rd party's picture, audio/video, and copy-writing.

2.6 Client agrees not to use Wibby's web hosting and service to do any Spam or email marketing activities. Permanent suspension may apply for client who abuses this service.

2.7 Wibby reserve the right to charge additional fees to fix any errors and bugs caused by client, client's employee of any third party.

2.8 Wibby reserve the right to cancel, suspend or terminate any of services and access to the website and hosting by authorized legal complaint.

Some of the services above are covered in Premium membership plan. Please contact us for more info.

3. Payment

3.1 All prices are excl. 21% VAT. Taxes will be included in the final cost invoice.

3.2 Wibby charges minimum as low as 30 minutes fee for any task as starting cost.

3.3 Wibby doesn't offer any refund for delivered and ongoing services or products.

3.4 Wibby offers refund only for cancelled service that has not being processed. However consult fees may apply.

3.5 Wibby reserves the right to cancel, suspend or terminate any of services and access to the website and hosting at anytime by uncompleted payment.

3.6 If there is an agreement about paying by installments, extra delivery time may apply.

3.7 Renewal domain name, hosting and premium client membership cost requires to be paid at least 30 days before its expire date.

4. Other services

4.1 Wibby offers 3 revisions of Corporate identity and Multimedia services before it's perfect to be delivered.

4.2 Additional fees will apply to revise any of Corporate identity or Multimedia service after final delivery.

5. Support

5.1 Wibby offers 24 hours respond time for any question by email or contact form on our website. Extra respond time will apply in the weekend and holidays.

5.2 Wibby offers phone and Skype support for Premium clients.

If you have further question about our terms of service, feel free to contact us.