Strategic Partnership Agreement

This partnership offer is intended only for selected associate, partners or agencies.
A strategic partnership is a mutually beneficial arrangement between two separate companies that do not directly compete with one another.


Wibby is a digital marketing agency based in Amsterdam. We're focused on providing full- and unmanaged digital services for local businesses and single entrepreneurs.
We have helped many local companies not only to anticipate the digital threats by digitizing their business but also to utilize the positive effect of the digital trend.

Wibby Digital Marketing Agency (a subsidiary company of Wibs Digital) brings colleagues, associates and marketing agencies as true partners at both the national and international level to grow and develop limitless business opportunities together.
We believe that this business partnership will give so many benefits for both parties in every way to enhance the advantages in digital market industry.

Wibby Digital Marketing Agency offers 3 types of strategic partnership agreements, which follows here bellow:

Partnership Terms & Conditions

1. Wibby’s standard terms of service and working procedure will apply for any projects brought by partners.

2. Wibby and partners will work together using using Wibby’s project management system & CRM software.

3. Wibby charges normal hour rate of €50/hour excl. 21% BTW for the most digital services excluding photography session and video production.

4. Extra costs may apply for projects or services that require 3rd party costs, such as modules/software licenses, advertising cost, printing cost, audio/photo stock, etc.

5. Working agreement and scope of work will be made exclusively per each project based on the allocated budget and working hours.

6. Partners, Partner’s client, and Wibby’s client have equal priority in terms of working activities that will be scheduled based on the plan or allocated time.

7. Partners are not obligated to call the full commitment, but they may lose the benefits as Wibby’s partner and will be considered as Wibby's regular client.

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